Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment

In addition to prescription medication, back pain patients can also use home remedies to treat the pain. Using a hot or cold compress may help to reduce the discomfort, while chiropractic care may manipulate the spine. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that acupuncture can help treat back pain. Acupuncture can help improve flexibility and balance. Changing your lifestyle to be more active can also help to relieve the pain. Some patients report that physical therapy has a positive effect on their back pain. Find additional information at QC Kinetix (Dublin) Back Pain Treatment-QC Kinetix (Dublin)

While some people experience relief from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), these drugs can also cause side effects. In addition to anti-inflammatory drugs, you may also be prescribed muscle relaxants to relieve back pain. These drugs can cause dizziness and drowsiness, so they should be taken with caution. Similarly, topical pain relievers are available, which deliver a substance through the skin that may relieve pain.

If other treatments are unsuccessful, surgery may be recommended. Surgical treatment involves inserting needles into painful nerves. The radio waves sent through the needles stop the nerves from sending pain signals. The procedure usually takes only one to two hours, and patients typically do not need to stay overnight. But, if the pain is severe or has become chronic, surgery may be required. If conservative treatments do not provide relief, patients may need to undergo spinal fusion.

The most common causes of back pain are sprains and strains. A sprain is the tearing of a ligament or muscle. A torn tendon can occur after a fall, a sports injury, or repetitive stress. Symptoms of spinal pain range from dull to severe and can become worse with movement. There may also be muscle spasms. This can cause nerve compression. The most common treatment for back pain is physical therapy, and exercises can help relieve the symptoms.

A physical therapist may recommend exercises to strengthen the back muscles and reduce the pain. Other forms of treatment for back pain include physical therapy and injections. Physical therapists will teach you exercises that will improve your posture and reduce the pain. If your pain is radicular and radiates down your leg, a cortisone injection may be the solution. Cortisone injections will decrease inflammation around the nerve roots and reduce pain. Most patients report relief from corticosteroid injections within a few months.

Exercise is a vital component of effective back pain treatment. Regular aerobic exercise can keep the intervertebral discs healthy and prevent back pain. Exercising is particularly important for overweight individuals as it can cause further stress on the back. Adding weight to the body can also lead to low back pain. While many people have back pain, it’s important to consult a medical professional as soon as possible. The right treatment can relieve the symptoms and get you back on the road to wellness.

Chiropractic and acupuncture are also effective treatments for back pain. A chiropractor may use acupuncture to help realign the skeleton. Chiropractic adjustments are a natural treatment for back pain, and acupuncture may help realign a weak or injured musculoskeletal system. Osteopathy may be an effective treatment for slipped discs. In addition to chiropractic care, osteopaths specialize in treating the skeleton. Once you have a diagnosis, you may need to seek a back pain specialist to decide the best course of treatment.

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