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A Japanese language course can be difficult to find in the classroom, but thanks to new online classrooms, students can now take it on their iPads or computer at home. A collaboration between Harper College and District 211 offers the option of an online classroom. The district is using Blackboard to offer multiple courses, and students can log into class from their computers or iPads. The course is helping students to re-build their vocabulary and brush up on technique.
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Students can access the Internet at any time. To do this, students must have a user account with a password that is mailed home in late October. Once signed up, students can use the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and select the D211 Elective Course Selection link. After logging in, parents should select a Japanese language course for their child to take. If there are multiple requests for an elective course, students should choose an alternate course. If the request is not met, a substitute will be used. Nevertheless, parents should submit their requests as soon as possible.

Students can access the Internet with their student account on the District 211 Infinite Campus Parent Portal. To do so, students need an activation key that was mailed home in late October. Once logged in, students should click on the D211 Elective Course Selection link. When submitting a request, students should indicate whether or not they want their child to take a Japanese language course or not. Elective course requests must be submitted by Wednesday, December 15th 2021.

All District 211 computers offer Internet access. The system requires an activation key to access the Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Once the activation key has been received, students should follow the instructions to sign up. The activation code will be mailed to them in late October. The D211 Elective Course Selection link is available in the D211 Infinite Campus Parent Portal. The process is simple and straightforward. Once the activation is complete, the student can submit their request for an elective course. However, students must note that the course is not available if there is a conflict between schedules or prerequisites.

District 211 offers students access to information and educational resources. The computer network of District 211 is owned by the school. The District aims to provide students with the highest quality online experience possible. Its local area network consists of approximately 1,200 computers. The district reserves the right to search the system’s storage media for inappropriate materials and data.