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Dental Implants – A Permanent Solution to Missing Teeth

Dental Implants are a modern, safe way to replace a missing tooth. Once placed, the new tooth will look and function like a natural tooth. They also preserve the natural tissue of surrounding teeth. Unlike bridgework, implants do not require cutting existing teeth. Additionally, they do not put undue pressure on the remaining teeth in the mouth. Overall, dental implants are a great investment in oral health. To learn more about Dental implant procedures, contact our office today. check over here
Dental implants are made from titanium or zirconia. The surface of the implant is important to long-term integration and stability. Porous or machined surfaces are better for bone contact. Plasma-sprayed titanium is more stable and has more porous surface. The other option is to use Zirconia or other non-metal materials. These types of teeth are shorter, narrow, and positioned toward the front of the mouth.
While the initial surgical procedure is a simple one, you should expect a few days of pain afterward. Your dentist will prescribe pain medications if you’re feeling anxious or unable to handle the procedure. After the implant surgery, your diet will be restricted to soft foods, and you’ll probably need a few weeks of pain medication. If you have stitches, you will likely need to see a dentist to have them removed, although self-dissolving ones don’t require any stitches.
Once the implant is positioned, the body will heal around it. This process is known as osseointegration. Once the body fuses with the implant, the new tooth will function as an extension of your own bone. You can expect some minor bleeding after the surgery. Some patients may need a few weeks of recovery before they can receive their replacement teeth. While this process may be lengthy, it is worth the time and money spent.
The initial surgical procedure will cause minimal pain. You may experience some bleeding around the implant site, but it will not affect your overall health. Your dentist may prescribe pain medication based on your age, but it is not necessary. After the surgery, your diet should consist of soft foods. After the surgery, you’ll need to follow a strict diet for three to six months. The healing time for your new teeth depends on the location and type of graft.
After the surgery, the implant will be attached to the jawbone using a small connector post, called an abutment. The replacement tooth is then bonded to the implant. The healing process can take several months. During the first few months, you may have to wear a temporary abutment in place of your tooth. You should also maintain good oral hygiene habits. Smoking can delay the healing process. The process of getting your new teeth will be a long one.