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If you love fried chicken, you will want to go to a fried-chicken restaurant. This is where you will be served tasty chicken seasoned with salt and pepper. Unlike other fried-chicken restaurants, the crust at a fried chicken restaurant will not shatter after you take the first bite. Fried chicken restaurants are open Friday through Monday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m., and they have several different sides to choose from. Golden Chick is an excellent resource for this.

You can eat fried chicken anywhere – fast food joints, fast-food chains, and more – but the best chicken is the kind made by a skilled chef. A well-done piece of chicken has a crunchy outside and moist interior. If you’re a fan of traditional fried chicken, you’ll love the experience of dining at Ray’s Cafe in Honolulu. The restaurant cooks its chicken in deep fat, so it is incredibly juicy and tender inside.
The chicken at Bubba is widely considered the best fried chicken in Iowa. You can choose from one of its fried chicken dishes – Bubba’s Chicken & Waffles is buttermilk fried chicken topped with bacon. Alternatively, you can try their Chicken & Bacon Wrap, which has fried chicken, bacon, cheese, and lettuce on top. The menu offers several varieties and is a must-try for any fried chicken lover.
Another great fried chicken restaurant in Sacramento is South, which is managed by N’Gina Guyton. Guyton is originally from New Orleans, and has brought the best of Southern cuisine to the Sacramento area. You can enjoy Creole Seafood Linguine and Sweet Potato Pie, but its most famous dish is the fried chicken. The chicken is finger-licking good and has no match in California. It’s a true Southern fried chicken restaurant and you can’t go wrong with this one.
In the US, fried chicken is one of the most popular fast food chains. In fact, there are more than two million KFC restaurants in the US. It’s a global phenomenon. Several million people worldwide eat fried chicken, and three of the fastest growing restaurant chains are fried chicken restaurants. In addition to this, many African Americans refer to chicken as the “Gospel bird.”
While some people might think of the chicken at Reel M Inn as “best in the world,” it’s actually Mac’s that has won the hearts of thousands of fried-chicken lovers. The chicken is perfectly fried and craggly-crusted. In fact, it was ranked as the best fried chicken by a writer for Saveur. Served with a side of sweet potato fries, Mac’s fried chicken is as authentic as you’ll ever get.
Among the best fried chicken restaurants in St. Louis, Rick’s Famous Fried Chicken is a standout. Served with hot sauce and house pickles, this fried chicken restaurant has become a popular dining destination in the area. While its menu doesn’t get as much press coverage as some of its rivals, customers still love this chicken, especially the spicy fried chicken. Its atmosphere and staff make it an excellent choice for a fried chicken lunch or dinner.